beautiful minecraft

Sanctuary Castle

Begun in August of 2011, Sanctuary Castle is a complex of towers and buildings stretching from bedrock to skybox.
The centre of the castle originally housed a full-height mob grinder, which was repurposed when spawn rules changed. The
castle area is enclosed by a powered minecart rail with stations at the mid-point of each side. Themed around lush trees and
water above ground, with a network of utilitarian tunnels and chambers underground, this is my "home" in Minecraft.

The Nether

The Nether Sanctuary is connected to Sanctuary Castle through portals beneath the blue dragon. It was constructed
to be more fortress-like in both materials and design. The core keep is lined with obsidian, and crowned by a small terrace
garden that houses four water fountains. This gallery also contains my other miscellaneous Nether builds.

Arts and Crafts

My artwork, comics, crafts, and other real-life projects inspired by Minecraft.


Hello! My name is Jin, and Minecraft is
one of my favourite ways to relax after a
stressful day. I build in single-player using
a combination of Creative mode and MCEdit,
though I do not use mods. I also enjoy plain
ol' survival multiplayer with online friends.

Sometimes I make Minecraft-inspired art
and crafts. After browsing the screenshots,
please take a few minutes to check out my
other projects included on this website.